Why or when do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Why or when do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Being in an accident is a traumatizing experience to begin with, and trying to deal with the hassle of insurance companies and medical providers can be even more debilitating than the accident itself. Most people try to deal with the insurance companies themselves, but did you know that hiring a lawyer can get you up to 60% more money than if you try to do it yourself? Sometimes you also don’t want to deal with them at all… after all, your main goal should be to feel better and relax after your accident, not undergo more stress. So why or when should you hire a personal injury attorney to fight for you?

Severe Injuries

– How much money you are eligible for after an accident will generally be determined by how injured you are. But keep in mind, oftentimes people do not start feeling the effects of the accident until days or even weeks later. The spine is a critical area, and even the slightest of tweaks can result in long term effects on you. It is important to get the appropriate care for your injury. At Lexton Law Firm, we have a large network of medical care providers that we work with, which means we can connect you with the best chiropractor, pain management doctor, or physical therapist to suit your individual needs and help you feel better quicker. Hiring a personal injury lawyer means having a professional on your side that can find you a doctor, and fight for you with the insurance companies to make sure you get the money you deserve.

Insurance Companies

– Insurance companies will sometimes refuse to pay for your accident, even when you are not at fault. Or, they may be offering you less money than you feel you deserve, or not enough to cover your medical bills. Whatever the circumstances, having a personal injury lawyer on your side means having someone that’s ready to fight for you. Remember, people that retain an attorney recover an average of 60% more money than if they try to negotiate on their own.


– Hiring a law firm with decades of experience, means that those decades are fighting for you. The knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the insurance companies and with the type of injuries sustained in an accident that a long established law firm has can work for you, to get you the care you need quickly.

It’s always a good idea to have a lawyer on your side when you’ve been involved in an accident. They know how to fight for you to make sure you’re taken care of, and that you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Call the experts at Lexton Law Firm today.


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