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trevor thompson injured in blimp accident near us open
Trevor Thompson Injured in Blimp Crash at US Open

“Investigation Ongoing”

ERIN, WISCONSIN (June 15, 2017) – A blimp pilot was injured in a crash near the US Open at the Erin Hills Golf Course on Thursday, according to a local news source. (map)

The accident happened late Thursday morning around 11:00 am in Erin Wisconsin. A blimp pilot identified as Trevor Johnson was operating a dirigible above the gold course before it suffered a catastrophic failure, causing the blimp to depressurize before catching on fire and crashing.

Trevor Thompson, the pilot of the blimp, was injured in the crash. He sustained burns on his back and to the back of his neck and head. Trevor was airlifted from the scene to a nearby hospital, and his current condition is unknown. The crash remains under investigation.

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