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what should i say to my insurance adjuster after i get into car crashWhat Should I Say to the Insurance Company After My Accident
Getting into a vehicle accident can be a stressful and sometimes traumatic experience, especially if it’s your first time. While your emotions after an accident maybe be heightened and across the spectrum, it is important to remain calm. Taking out your anger or crying to your insurance adjuster will not help speed along the process for seeking compensation and sorting out the issue at hand. off on the right foot with your insurance adjuster may help you in the long run; in terms of efficiently handling your claim or accepting your statements as the true story even if it might be difficult to prove.

Gather Contact Information
Before moving forward in your discussion, it is important to get the name, phone number, and address of the person, or adjuster, you are speaking with. In return, you will need to provide your adjuster the same information in addition to where you work and where you are employed. Try to refrain from giving any more information than necessary about yourself.

Do Not Provide Details About The Accident
You are only required to provide the most basic information concerning your accident: where, when, the types of accident, the vehicle involved, and the contact information of any witnesses. Insurance adjusters or other representatives may try to get you to “give a statement” about your accident and/or injuries. The reason why you should be as vague and general as possible when you are initially asked about your injuries is because you might accidentally leave something out, or discover that the injury ended up being worse than you thought. You don’t want to say anything incriminating or something that might work against you and your personal injury case in the future.

Take Notes
Besides taking down notes concerning the contact information of your insurance adjuster, it is important to also document any requests that were made to you and any information you gave to them. You might have to deal with a lot of paper work as the case proceeds, so it’s important to stay organized and be conscientious of what was said to whom.

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