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Trevor Cadigan Dies in Helicopter Crash in East River, New York

EAST RIVER, NEW YORK (March 10, 2018) – Trevor Cadigan was identified as one among five victims who was killed in a fatal helicopter crash in New York’s East River. (map)

The Liberty Helicopter was carrying six passengers, including the pilot, when it crashed into the East River on Sunday evening. The passengers were on their way to a photoshoot when one of the passenger’s bags accidentally hit the emergency fuel shutoff button, causing the engine fuel to bleed out and crash into the rigid waters. The helicopter flipped over upon impact and remained upside down in the water until rescue officials arrived on the scene. The pilot was the only one to survive the deadly crash.

Typically, inflatable pontoons are meant to keep the chopper upright when landing onto water; however, it is unknown at the time why the pontoon on the right side of the chopper failed to inflate, leading to the choppers inverted position. The multi-point-harnesses that passengers are firmly strapped into are supposed to secure the passengers into their seats, but it is unclear whether the passengers had the knowledge of how to unfasten themselves in case of an emergency.

Cadigan, twenty-six years old grew up in Dallas, Texas. He had moved to the city to pursue his career in journalism, following closely in his father’s footsteps, who is a production manager at ABC affiliate and Dallas-area television station WFAA. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a major in Journalism and minor in Business Administration and Mandarin Chinese. Cadgian had just finished up his internship at Business Insider (October 2017 through February 2018), and was known for his genuine passion and enthusiasm.
One of the most renown guest interviews for Business Insider’s “The Bottom Line,” was produced and edited by Cadigan himself. In addition to Cadigan’s great feat, he conducted many other interviews over the course of several months with cryptocurrency experts, investment heavyweights, and CEO’s.

The twenty-year-old video journalist contributed his last rendition of his lighthearted originality with his Instagram post, with a clip of him as the ill-fated chopper took flight. His longtime friend, Brian McDaniel, was beaming in the back passenger seat with an energetic thumb up.

The attorneys at Lexton Law would like to send out their deepest condolences to those who personally knew Cadigan, especially his parents, Jerry and Canton, and his sister Kathleen. Lexton Law is still researching the accident and will continue to update this article when we receive any additional information. Lexton Law is a leading law firm that deals with aviation accidents.

“Sadly, there are no words that can comfort all family members and friends as they cope with such tragic loss,” said the attorneys from Lexton Law. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all parties affected in this tragedy as they try to piece together what happened.”

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