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Air Traffic Controller possibly responsible for Brown Field airplane crash.
NATIONWIDE: NTSB Releases Report That States Air Traffic Controller Likely to Blame for Accident at Brown Field

“Investigation Ongoing”

NATIONWIDE (December 22, 2016) – A recently released NTSB report states that a series of mistakes by an air traffic controller may be responsible for a 2015 accident that killed five people, according to a local news source. (map)

The accident happened on August 16, 2015, at San Diego’s Brown Field. A Cessna 172M piloted by Michael A Copeland, and a Sabreliner piloted by Jeffrey Percy and carrying three others collided in mid air about a mile east of the airport.

The five people on board the two planes were all killed in the accident. Michael Copeland was a Qualcomm executive, while Jeffrey Percy and two of his passengers, Carlos Palos and John Kovach were employees of a military contractor, BAE Systems. Jeffery Percy’s copilot, James Hale, was a contracted employee for BAE.

This report comes just after another startling incident with an air traffic controller late last week. On Friday, December 16th, a Boeing 777 en route to Taiwan was told to turn left instead of right, almost sending the plane into Mt. Wilson. The plane flew only a few hundred feet above the peak before being told to turn around, also coming close to the path of an Air Canada jet that had just departed LAX. The air traffic controller was also heard berating the pilot, despite having given the pilot the wrong instructions.

These incidents have raised concern over whether more situations like these may occur due to air traffic controller error, and some are wondering why there are not more checks and balances in place such as secondary controllers to verify all instructions given to aircraft.

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