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google maps and apple maps adding railroad crossings to navigation data
NATIONWIDE: Apple Maps and Google Maps to Add 200,000 Grade Crossings to Maps after Accidents

“Investigation Ongoing”

NATIONWIDE (December 20, 2016) – After a two year long investigation into several fatal accidents involving navigation apps and railroad crossings, the NTSB has called upon Google Maps and Apple Maps among other navigation services to add over 200,000 grade crossings to their maps.

A grade crossing is a railroad crossing that is the same level as the road. Because of this, it can be hard for drivers to discern where they are supposed to turn, and can sometimes end up on railroad tracks by accident as a result of their navigation apps. This was the case in 2015 in California, when Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez turned a truck hauling a trailer onto the railroad tracks because of directions from his navigation app. Mr. Sanchez-Ramirez ended up stuck on the tracks, and abandoned his truck which was later hit by a commuter train.

The accident killed the train engineer and injured 32 others, and launched an exhaustive investigation by the NTSB. Google Maps has come forward to say they will be adding visual and audio warnings to their maps to help drivers avoid turning onto railroad tracks by mistake, and Apple maps has agreed to add the crossings as well.

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