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larry and jane glazer killed in small plane crash
MIAMI: Design Flaw Caused 2014 Plane Crash in Caribbean

MIAMI, FLORIDA (November 21, 2017) – A final accident report released by the NTSB is citing a design flaw as the reason behind the 2014 plane crash that killed Larry and Jane Glazer, according to a local news source.

The fatal accident happened in September of 2014. A SOCATA TMB 700 single engine plane carrying New York Real Estate Developers Larry and Jane Glazer was en route from New York to Florida. An overheat switch triggered, which shut off the air supply to the cabin. Larry Glazer, at the controls of the plane, asked permission from air traffic controllers to descend to 18,000 feet after he spotted “an indication that was not correct” in the plane. He was cleared to go down to 25,000 feet from 28,000. By the time he was cleared to descend to 20,000 feet a few moments later, his speech had become slurred, and he stopped responding.

Two Air National Guard Fighter Jets were dispatched to intercept the plane. The fighter jets shadowed the plane from Florida to over the Bahamas, and reported that Larry Glazer was unconscious but breathing, and slumped over the controls. The fighter jets were forced to disengage as the plane entered Cuban airspace. The Socata aircraft eventually ran out of fuel, and crashed just off the coast of Jamaica.

The NTSB released several preliminary investigations, but the final one released in September of 2017 detailed the fact that the crash was due to a flaw in the plane’s design. The newer models released by Socata include an emergency descent mode, and any loss of cabin pressure will bring the plane down to 15,000 feet unless the pilot responds. The training manual for the model of aircraft the Glazer’s were in had encouraged pilots to troubleshoot problems before putting on their oxygen masks, a process which has been reversed in the new training manuals.

Larry and Jane Glazer were survived by their three children, Kenneth Glazer, Melinda Glazer Maclaren, and Richard Glazer. Kenneth Glazer has filed a lawsuit against 17 different companies involved in the manufacture of the airplane, on behalf of himself and his two siblings.

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