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small planes crash near aero county airport
MCKINNEY: Three Killed in Mid Air Plane Crash near Aero County Airport

“Aviation Accident”

MCKINNEY, TEXAS (December 31, 2016) – Two small planes collided in mid air near the Aero County Airport on New Years Eve in a horrible accident that claimed the lives of three people, according to a local news source. (map)

The accident happened near the Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas. Three people were aboard two small planes that collided near the airport for unknown reasons, one of the planes coming down onto Custer Street and another plane crashing into a nearby storage facility.

Three people were confirmed to have been killed in the tragic accident. Two of them have been identified as father and son Greg Barber and Tim Barber. The cause of the collision remains under investigation, but initial reports state the Aero County Airport does not have an air traffic controller, and relies on pilots to alert each other for take offs and landings.

“Our firms prayers are with all parties involved in this devastating collision,” said an attorney from Lexton Law Firm. “The NTSB investigates every aviation accident in the country. We subscribe to their service and are aware of every accident, and have an intimate knowledge of the many causes of aircraft crashes. We are experts in this area.” Lexton Law Firm handles aviation cases all over the country, and is a leading expert in aviation crashes.

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