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6 people killed in deadly florida bridge collapse
6 People Killed in Deadly Florida Bridge Collapse

MIAMI, FLORIDA– A newly constructed pedestrian bridge stretching across several lanes of traffic collapsed Thursday afternoon near Florida International University, killing 6 people.

At 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, the pedestrian bridge connecting Florida International University campus to the city of Sweetwater crashed just days after it was built. Our sources indicated that 6 people have been reported dead, while 10 others have been hospitalized with traumatic injuries.

One of the victims, who died on the scene, has been identified as a female Florida International University student. While the tragic death of 6 people has been reported, it is unclear whether there are currently still more trapped under the several tons of rubble. At the moment, 8 vehicles have been found trapped under the bridge, but there may be more crushed beneath the debris. The identities of those who have suffered traumatic fatalities or have been killed from the incident remain unnamed at this time.

An accelerated construction technique was applied to this $14.2 million bridge, weighing 950 tons and spanned 174 feet long. The bridge stretched over a 6-lane road. The bridge had finished construction on Saturday, only 6 days before the fatal collapse, but had not yet been opened to the public.The construction of this bridge is unorthodox in the sense that the bridge was first assembled on the side of where the bridge would be placed. The builders then closed the highway and pivoted the pieces of the bridge together, locking them in a position. This bridge was allegedly strong enough to withstand a category-5 hurricane. As the construction team was pivoting the pieces of this bridge together, it is unclear at the time whether something went wrong.

An accelerated construction process is supposed to use various technologies and techniques to help reduce construction time, while enhancing and maintaining both safety and quality. It is unclear at the time if the use of an “accelerated constructed process” was approved by anyone. The US Department of Transportation had funded this deadly bridge with a $19.4 million grant.

A source indicated that the cables that suspended the deadly bridge had loosened, and the engineering firm order that they be tightened. It is unknown if the bridge was stable or secure to begin with, when the bridge was put into position on Saturday. It is unknown whether the technique, length, materials, or weight used to build this fatal bridge was safe.

The NTSB was on the scene to investigate what caused the collapse to occur and people to die. These investigations can sometimes take years, but initial findings should be available before then. Lexton Law will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

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