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oak tree falls down on pedstrian woman
GLENDALE: 70-Year-Old-Woman is Crushed by Falling Tree

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA (March 25, 2018) – A woman in her 70’s, identified as Cat, suffered two broken legs and a broken left arm when a tree suddenly crashed down on her on Sunday. (map)

An old oak tree fell on, and trapped, 70-year-old Cat during her evening stroll at the 3900 block of El Lado Drive. Without warning, the tree up-rooted, also toppling onto a grey Lexus that was parked on the street. Both of Cat’s legs and her left arm was reported broken, due to the massive weight of the tree. She also sustained cuts and scrapes across her body.

Witnesses were unsuccessful when trying to use a car jack and pole to free the woman underneath the immense tree, so she remained pinned down until firefighters arrived on scene. The Glendale Fire Department had to use air compression devices to lift the massive tree off her. Cat was immediately rushed to Huntington Memorial hospital.

Several children witnesses, who were taking their dogs for a walk, described the scene as a woman covering her head, just before disappearing under the crashing tree.

This freak accident has alarmed the residents of the El Lado Drive cul de sac, due to its lack of forewarning and potential consequences. There are dozens of oak trees that tower over the homes of this neighborhood. The strength and stability of these old saplings, which are already leaning over, is unclear at the time. It is unclear if the saturation of the ground, due to recent rain, has made these tree more susceptible to uprooting.

The residents of the neighborhood Several residents of the cul de sac have voiced their concerns to the city about the leaning trees from the hillside. However, it is unclear at the time whether the city has tended to this potential safety hazard.
The El Lado Drive cul de sac in Glendale is no foreigner to massive trees crashing down. Several years ago, a tree that was higher up on the hill fell on the opposite side from the resident homes. At the time, no one has claimed responsibility for these crashing oak trees or removed the deadfall. After the widespread Santa Clarita fires, it is unclear whether an arborist, or anyone, has been sent to assess the undergrowth and stability of these trees.

The attorneys at Lexton Law firm sends their deepest condolences to the injured victims of this incident. We will continue to update this article as we receive more information.

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