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comcast truck may be responsible for accidents
BRIDGEPORT: Comcast Truck Parked on Indiana Road May be Responsible for Accidents

“Investigation Ongoing”

BRIDGEPORT, INDIANA (December 13, 2016) – A Comcast truck parked in the road may have been responsible for several accidents on Tuesday, according to a local news source. (map)

The accidents all happened on Tuesday, on a snowy, icy Road in Bridgeport, Indiana. A Comcast truck parked in the road had a small amount of cones out to alert passing drivers, many of whom did not have time to appropriately adjust their speed or direction. Many cars ran off the road, and despite urging from residents and drivers in the area, the Comcast workers did not move their truck off the road as requested. In fact, a local man took a video of the two Comcast service technicians stating that they did not feel responsible for the accidents, and despite having more cones, would not put more out.

The resident ended up putting out his own personal cones to try to help people avoid the issue, but several more cars still ended up sliding off the road. Several accidents happened between cars as well. Comcast is looking into the incident and is taking the matter quite seriously, but some people are left wondering if Comcast could be held responsible for damages and injuries sustained in the accidents caused by Comcast’s parked truck.

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